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AdelCo Home Services Policies.

Our service policy covers all our services and other services added in the future, by using our services you agree to our service policies. The purpose of our company policy is to ensure we serve you well, improve ourselves for you, and also maintain fair service expectations from our customers.

Our Service Policies Cuts Across All of The Services We Offer at AdelCo Home Services.

Services Policies.

We understand that the result of cleaning a house is as good as the cleaners cleaning the house. We can guarantee you that we are professionals at what we do, our past work and reviews speak for us, therefore we get a lot of referrals as experts in our field.

Our services policies are as follows:

  • Through our service years, we have come to find that houses that gets cleaned regularly throughout the year come out with better cleaning results as opposed to a house that lacks little to no cleaning throughout the year. This is normal and logical. A house with less cleaning activities gets little results while a house with regular cleaning gets better cleaning outcome.

  • In cases for windows, cleaning, we can only clean as much as the dirt can come off. Some stains are stubborn, permanent, and too old to get rid of. In cases like this, we cannot be held responsible for stains that are impossible to wipe off.

    You agree that we deserve the right to reject a revisit to get rid of such stains after paying an initial visit to clean your windows.

  • Moss removal is one of the many services we offer to clients. Moss are known to grow back after a while, our service only offers to get rid of moss that is visible to us. We cannot be held responsible for moss regrowth after our service.

  • For moss removal, we try to get off all the dirt that are visible to us, if you notice dusts after we leave for a moss removal service on your property, this could be because your gutter is too sloppy, and we do not use water to wash off dirt in such cases. 

  • Sometimes, the location of your property affects the amounts of dirt your roof and gutters get. When delivering our gutter cleaning and roof cleaning service, every nook and crannies are checked and cleaned, but it is possible for dirt to settle in moments after we leave. We will not assume responsibility to re-clean such dirt that settles in naturally.

  • Some of our services are not interwoven as expected by some clients. For example, our window cleaning only serves the purpose of wiping dirt off your glass, not the window frames.
    Cleaning the glass is a standalone service, cleaning the frames is another service on its own. In most cases, we will notify you about this, but our policy serves as a heads-up for cases like this.

  • Our window cleaning service only covers the cleaning of the windowpanes. That is only the glass parts of the windows. Hence, we are not responsible for cleaning the rails, the frame, or the hinges.

  • We use the best cleaning products, and our workers are very attentive to their work. However, not all stains or spots can be removed or cleared. Please note that we will not be responsible for stains that cannot be cleared.

  • We will not be held responsible for previous damages on windowpanes: Including but not limited to cracks, breaks, and chips.

  • The client is expected to remove window accessories before the cleaning party arrives. This includes window screens, curtains, and other accessories that can hinder a thorough cleaning.

  • Clients should note that we withhold the right to reschedule a window cleaning appointment if the weather on the location is bad or the lighting is poor.

  • We will not be held accountable for permanent stains or damages before the cleaning of gutters.

  • We can only assure you of a completely cleaned gutter on the day of the appointment. Gutters gather dirt fast and must be cleared regularly.

  • Visual results for each gutter will defer from clients to clients, depending on the gutter’s initial condition. Our only responsibility is a thorough cleaning of the gutter.

  • The client should note that moss removal usually takes multiple visits to wipe out completely, and so should give appropriate permissions.

  • The client is implored to understand that there is usually coloration left after moss removal on a wall or roof. This coloration fades gradually and naturally after a few weeks.

  • Clients should note that mosses tend to grow back, even after removal. Hence, we will not be responsible for the regrowth of moss in an area once we have completely removed it.

  • High pressured water, and sometimes, harsh chemicals are involved in power washing. While well-trained professionals handle the activity, damage can still be done on loose shingles, rotting sidings, cracks in walls, roofs, and sidings. We will not accept responsibility for damages during the pressure washing due to poor construction or neglected property.

  • The client will be responsible for: clearing the washing area of any valuable object, equipment, and vehicles and clearing the area of kids and pets.

  • The client is obliged to help us protect cracks, electrical outlets, and properly sealing doors, windows, and other openings.

  • We will not be responsible for providing new venting when the existing ones are not sufficient. Instead, the client will be advised to install proper venting on the sidings.

  • Our siding trim installation does not include siding for doors or windows. These can be discussed under the terms of the agreement, with additional payment.

  • We will not be responsible for damage to installed fascia and soffit due to natural agents like rain or wind.

  • We will not be held responsible for any damage to fascia and soffit and other roofing parts due to rot, poor construction, or other preexisting conditions.


General Policies


Our Cleaners make use of a long-enough ladder.  Unfortunately, we are unable to use client ladders or climb higher than it is safer for our team. However, we are able to clean higher items with a highly efficient extension duster to the best of our ability. 

We can reach up to as far as it is safe for our team with our extension duster so we can get those higher ceiling fans, ceilings, lights, etc. 


  • If we are responsible for damages to your home or any of your items, we will leave a note for you the day the cleaning was done. We ensure we make every attempt to repair, replace or pay for any items that we have damaged by accident.

  • We will however, not assume liability for pre-existing damages, scratches, dings in windows, paint, furniture, floors, walls, etc. we are also free of blame for damage of items not secured in a proper manner. 

  • We recommend that items of monetary or sentimental value be put away on the day of cleaning and/or cleaned by the homeowner themselves.

  • All surfaces (e.g. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are believed to be sealed and ready to be cleaned without causing harm/damage when common cleaners are used.

Release of Liability

Should you decide you would want us to clean items of monetary or sentimental value (>$100) e.g. items within curio cabinets, etc. The following will apply: 

  1. Client hereby releases AdelCo Home Services from all liability arising out of cleaning these item(s). 
  2. Client understands that he/she is completely responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged item(s) even if AdelCo Home Services may have caused the need for repair or replacement.


We work with our own supplies and tools because:

  1. We have tested our products proficiencies and have found them to produce quality results
  2. Our professionals are familiarized with these tools and can put them into proper use. 
  3. To save you the hassle of having to prepare for the tools we would be needing before your scheduled cleaning day.

If you would like us to use your own cleaning products, we ask that you call for a pre-approval from the office.


We can respect that your pets are a part of your family. However, if your pet is afraid of vacuums, territorial or overly friendly and will not allow us to do our work, we may recommend that they are placed outside the work area. Our technicians would not clean pet excrement, this includes cleaning of litter boxes and dog kennels.

Alarm System

If you have a home security system, be sure to inform us how you would want it to be handled. Your home safety and security are a major concern for us at AdelCo Home Services, and our staff are sensitive to all security and access procedures. Our policy is to lock the door while cleaning and we do not grant access to any unknown persons. 

Please do not expect us to let in workmen during the time we are in your home unless this is pre-approved by the office.

Please note that you do not necessarily have to disarm your alarm systems during our cleaning. If you contact your alarm company, they can assist you in programming a code that allows our company cleaning without any issues. Most clients with alarms usually give us our own code. 


The safety of our employees is extremely important to us. To minimize the risk of injury to our employees we are unable to move heavy objects or lift heavy items standing in our way. 

We do not clean up vomit, blood, urine, or excrement. If an employee on cleaning feels that their personal safety is in danger, and the employee must leave the job site because of this, then the client is still responsible for the full cost of the job.

Key Control Policy

Many of our clients provide us with keys to their home to allow us clean. We guarantee that we take the utmost care in protecting both your key and your home. Your keys are number coded and have no names or street addresses attached to them. All keys are immediately returned upon completion or halting of service.

If you decide not to issue us a key, and no one will be home during the cleaning, you may choose to leave a door unlocked or place a spare key in a secured place for our technicians to enter your home. 

In this case, you release AdelCo Home Services of any liability that may arise from damages or theft to your home as we cannot guarantee that we are the only ones who gained access to your home on that day.

Injuries in Your Home

Our staff members are not “independent contractors.” but full-time employees and as such are covered by our Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This covers our employee’s injuries and protects you.


It is important that our cleaners have full access to every area of your home that requires cleaning. To do this, we need to work freely and without distractions. Excessive talking (beyond cleaning instructions) prevents us from staying 100% focused.

Every effort is made to work with caution, and we cannot assume liability for injury to others. We kindly ask that you, your children and pets remain out of the areas that we are servicing in order to prevent any form of safety hazards (contact with cleaning products, tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc.).


We accept VISA, MasterCard, Cheque and Cash. Payment is due the day of cleaning. We require a credit card be on file. We will charge your credit card the day of service unless you have made cash payment to our technicians before they leave your home. If you pay by credit card and payment is not authorized, we may need to charge an extra little amount per invoice. 


Hourly fees are billed by labor hour, e.g. one cleaner for one hour equals one labor hour and two cleaners for one hour will equal two labor hours. We reserve the right to adjust our rates and policies as we see fit at any time.

Some of our service requires us to collect sales tax and this is in addition to our normal fees.

Tips are always appreciated but are not required. Feel free to add your tip to your payment or leave cash in a marked envelope.


When we schedule an appointment with you, we reserve a unique time for you alone. Our employees depend on your availability for them to make their salary and as such cancellations cost them dearly. 

Very much like you, they expect a consistent and steady income and if not received they seek for other employment. As a result, we have implemented the following policies.

1. Cancellation Fee

Any need for cancellations should be communicated to us 48hrs (2 full working days) in advance to avoid charges.  We have reserved your spot and turned down business so as not to interrupt your scheduled service.  

Cancelations communicated less than 48hrs (2 full working days) before the appointment but more than 24 hours (1 full working day) will be charged a fee per scheduled cleaner.  Cancelations communicated less than 24 hours (1 full working day) will be charged as the full price for your scheduled cleaning.

2. Lock Out/Turned Away Fee

If our employees arrive on the scheduled cleaning day and are turned away at the door or cannot get access to your home, we will charge the full price for your scheduled cleaning.

3. Notify the Office

All cancellations must be made by phoning the office.

Solicitation of Staff

By using our services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by AdelCo Home Services for any home-related service. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be informed that we would charge a referral fee.

Holidays and Closings

Our office is closed and there will be no cleanings scheduled on the following holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving Day
  6. Christmas Day
  7. We also do not work on days when the snow emergency level exceeds 1.

Arrival Time/Hours

At AdelCo Home Services, our hours of operation are from 8a.m. to 4p.m. Our staff arrive at our first house for cleaning between 8am and 9am and arrive at the last house by 3p.m for the day. We are only able to guarantee an exact arrival time to our first client of the day. 

However, we can provide you with a 2-hour span of our expected arrival time if you call the office the day before your scheduled cleaning. Please grant us the flexibility of scheduling our arrival between 9a.m. and 3p.m. We will strive to meet up with your requested arrival time although we do not guarantee it.

If you want to await our arrival, kindly stay home during the estimated window of time to let the cleaner(s) into your home. If no one is home, or we are turned away for any reason a cancellation fee will be charged (see Cancellation Policy)

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