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Killing Moss on Roof: The Ultimate Guide To Remove Roof Moss

by Dec 10, 2021

Green moss can look quite cozy and provide a fairytale-like feel to everyone visiting your home. The sound’s great, isn’t it? But in real-life, moss can be dangerous for your roof. The cozy green moss has the potential to damage any roofing material, and most commonly, it targets wood, and asphalt but it can be equally dangerous for metal and concrete roofs. Killing moss on roof requires precise techniques to ensure that you don’t have to continuously deal with the same problem.

You can find various temporary roof moss removal tips in the market, which would give you a small relief, but once the rain and snow start showering, your battle with moss will also commence. Killing moss on roof permanently is the best way to overcome this problem, and in this blog, we will discuss the best roof moss-killing tips in detail.


Understanding the roof moss and damage: 

Like physicians, you will have to learn the symptoms and diagnosis of roof moss before reading about the solution. So, here we go!

The chances of roof moss collection can increase if you live in a humid area prone to fog in the early morning or dew in the late evening. One of the prominent reasons why roof moss easily survives in extreme conditions is it doesn’t need light or nutrition in large numbers to grow. You can also find too much moss if you have a north-facing roof or a tree covering the top of your roof. Moss collected on the roof will ensure that your roof stays moist all the time, which can severely impact your roof and the wall underneath.

Understanding Roof Moss and Damage

Untreated roof moss can grow into thick layers, which can be quite daunting to remove. Hence you will have to act fast and remove the moss from an early stage. By now, you must be well aware of how moss can get start growing on your roof. Here are some of the most important tips you will have to consider to kill moss from your roof.


Killing Roof Moss with Hose and soft brush: 

The easiest way and the cheapest way to remove moss from your roof is with water and a brush having soft bristles. Here is the list of all the necessary tools you will need to complete the job.

  • Ladder
  • PPE Equipment
  • Hose
  • Eye protection and
  • Safety rope.

Killing Roof Moss with Hose and a soft brush

It is quite a risky job, but when done responsibly, you can easily remove all the moss from your roof without spending a single penny. All you have to do is target the water from the hose downward and remove the moss using a brush with soft bristles. When using the brush, don’t be hard on your roof. Be gentle because your end goal is to kill the moss and not the roof.


Applying a DIY Moss Removal Solution: 

If simple scrub and water don’t work, you will have to go with roof moss solutions which will be enough to remove the stubborn moss from your roof.

Applying a DIY Moss Removal Solution

You can either shop for roof moss solutions in the market from Amazon, or you can make your DIY moss removal solution. If you shop for online moss removal solutions, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s manual to ensure that you don’t land into trouble or damage your roof.

If you ever feel like making a DIY moss removal solution at your home, all you need is 8-10 ounces of dish soap or washing powder and mix it with 2 gallons of water and cleanse the roof for 45 minutes to remove the moss.



As they say, “Prevention is better than cure” you can also apply the same rule here. If you have bought an old home in North Vancouver that has several layers of thick moss, you can contact AdelCo Home Services Inc. who has the right men and tools for the job.

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