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Tucker Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

Water Fed Tucker Pole
Water-fed window cleaning techniques are an alternative to traditional window cleaning methods.

Instead of using ladders or lifts to reach high windows, pure water window cleaners utilize telescoping poles 60 ft. These “tucker water-fed poles” are fitted with a brush to agitate and remove surface grime and impurities.

Pure water is delivered up the tucker pole to the brush head via a narrow hose. In this tucker pole system, the pure water washes away surface dirt and dries spot-free, eliminating the need to squeegee.

Window Cleaning Vancouver with a tucker water-fed pole and pure water system is far easier than cleaning windows with a squeegee since it’s natural and eco-friendly!

The water-fed pole system makes the use of ladders in most situations redundant, improving safety, increasing privacy, and lessening disruption.

There is also no damage to landscaped areas such as lawns and flower beds through compaction normally associated ladder use. Although the old way of cleaning windows gives impressive results, the use of the Water Fed Pole for window cleaning in high areas is much safer and may also give you the same better results.

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