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The roof is the least accessible and least inspected area of a building. It requires regular roof cleaning to increase its durability.

A roof that is left unwashed will ultimately cause leaks around blocked gutters, air conditioning units, roof joints, skylights, and vent pipes. This inevitably leads to severe roof corrosion, leaks, and requires expensive replacement.

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Roof cleaning services in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Tri-Cities are well-liked. We have the equipment to perform fast and efficient roof cleaning. Your roof can be treated with an algae spray to protect your clean roof from unwanted algae re-growth.

We clean all types of roofs – cedar shake, duroid (asphalt), metal, flat roofing materials (tar and gravel, torch-on).

Tree debris (leaves, pine needles, etc.) and moss are removed using leaf blowers, push brooms and by hand, If needed, we will “power sweep” with low-pressure water spray.

In order to retard further moss development, we can apply a moss control treatment and provide the reliable service of roof moss removal in North Vancouver and in all the areas of Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Tri-Cities. If needed we will inform you of any minor or major roof repairs that may be required.

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AdelCo Home Services is the most reliable roof cleaning company based in North Vancouver, BC. We offer moss removal, roof repair, and other roof cleaning services in the majority of areas in British Columbia. We use the latest technology to clean your roof effectively. Our Roof Cleaning services are already tried and tested. Our professionals and technicians have years of experience in cleaning services around Vancouver.

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Our Service Areas:

We serve a majority of service areas in British Columbia. You can find us for roof cleaning or Roof Moss Removal in:

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