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VIP Membership and Deals

Enjoy the regular price of any of our services!

At AdelCo Home Services, we do our best to help our loyal customers. To this end, we are happy to present our VIP Membership Deal:

Imagine being able to skip the line and avoid waiting in line. Our VIP members enjoy service priority, As a member, you also get extra benefits from us.

Although we interact with all our customers with consistent value, our VIP deals are for our most loyal customers. Our priority is to establish a long-term relationship with you.

As a VIP member, you can expect outstanding service, consistent quality, and much more convenience.

If our VIP membership and deals are right for you, we invite you to try all our cleaning services, from window cleaning to pressure washing – as we are happy to make life easier.


Who are our VIP members?

VIP membership applies to our most loyal customers. For other customers, please contact us to see if you qualify for a VIP membership. VIP members will regularly receive our exclusive updates, coupons, and offers.


What are the benefits of VIP membership?

VIP members can enjoy the following benefits:

1.Get priority service delivery:

When you become a VIP member, you get to skip the line and get our services rendered to you in the same week or day you order it. Depending on when you order the service. You get answering priority, scheduling priority above other customers waiting in line.

2.Exclusive deals:

AdelCo Home Services occasionally run particularly awesome deals. Whenever we do, we notify you first to take advantage before other clients are even aware.

3.Best holiday offers:

Holiday offers are not left out. With weather conditions changing with the season, so does the need for our services. During the holidays, there is generally a greater need and demand to get more cleaning done – this is why we will give our VIP members holiday offers whenever we run a holiday offer campaign.

4.Online Club:

This is an online club. Therefore, you do not need a physical membership card.


Exclusive Service Delivery for AdelCo Home Services for VIP Members

Some services where our VIP members get priority service delivery include:

  • For our VIP members, we offer our clogged downspout service at a discounted price of $75. You no longer need to pay the regular fees with other customers, have your downspout unclogged at a reduced fee within 24 hours of ordering the service.
  • We give the same priority to gutter problems. We provide assistance the same day and fix the problems without waiting.
  • When a VIP member is hosting a party – we cannot possibly let you do so with a dirty house. So, we assist and make your window cleaning and pressure washing a priority and having them cleaned the same day.
  • For snow removals. When it snows, and our VIP members need snow removal the same day, we can offer you same-day snow removal – to remove snow we will apply salt.
  • VIP members that need a house wash would get a service delivery priority within 48 hours of calling AdelCo Home Services. No wait time, you place your order, skip the line, and get your service delivered within 48 hours.
  • For VIP members using our moss removal services, they get free moss removal chemicals from us. You do not need to supply the chemicals needed for moss removal.
  • Just like many of our services, VIP members get a discount and service priority on our painting services.
  • As VIP members, there are no charges made to you when you cancel any of our services.
  • As a VIP member, you get a redeemed ticket that offers discounts on any renovation projects via RenovationFind.
  • As a VIP member, you get to choose the crew you want to work on your home. And you get to keep the same crew all the time you need our services.
  • VIP members get a 24-hour emergency call for any of our services.
  • VIP members get 50% off for any repeat service every 3 years. You also get a FREE complete house wash every 8 years with us FREE of CHARGE. These include roof wash, walls wash, windows, gutters (in and out). Contact 1-888-789-6222 for more details about free house wash.
  • As a VIP member, you are entitled to free small repairs on scheduled cleaning days without the need to order for these services separately. Some of our small repair and quick fixes include, but not limited to gutter brackets, loose elbows, downspouts straps. Note that these “free repairs” can solely be determined by AdelCo Home Services.
  • With your VIP membership, you will be able to manage your cleaning schedules in a few clicks – right on our website.
  • To top it all, VIP members get a completely FREE house wash once every 8 years. We give you a complete house wash for any part of your house. Roof wash, walls wash, windows, gutters in and out will all be done for free.


How do I become a VIP member?

After you place at least one or more orders with us. The membership is a reward for your trust in us over time.

You may also be automatically selected as our VIP member. To check if you qualify for AdelCo Home Services VIP Membership and Deals, please contact us directly via email or phone.


How do I access my VIP membership?

VIP members will have a designated account that they can log in and place orders for services they want. From our account, you can pick the cleaning service you require and set schedules for those services.


Will there be a cost to join?

No, our VIP membership is completely free.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only one VIP membership is available to each customer. Customer information must be provided to activate membership.
  2. Membership is determined by AdelCo Home Services at its discretion. And we reserve the right to withdraw, cancel or terminate membership at any time.
  3. AdelCo Home Services has the right to make changes to its VIP membership ToC, deals, and services at any time.
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