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How to Pressure Wash a Deck Right Away?

by Nov 25, 2021

Home is a place of comfort. After an exhausted day from work you feel a sigh of relief looking at your spot-free house. However, maintaining the exterior or interior like deck pressure washing, upgrading kitchen area or bathrooms is a bit costly and tiring task. Especially when you are planning on selling the house and you want to impress the buyers without spending much.

If you are hunting to get services like deck pressure washing and save your budget simultaneously, then you are in the right place. We will be talking over the topics such as how to enhance the beauty of your home and steps you have to follow and ward off while cleaning the deck.

Is the power washing deck worth your time and effort?

For most of the homers, the deck is just an extended part of the home, nothing else. But it is the first thing visitors notice of the house. The dirty or greasy deck might question your cleanliness

So, the deck is an important part that requires regular cleansing, especially during snowfall or rainy season. If you wash your decks with appropriate methods then you will save from problems of moles or unpleasant smells.

How to Clean Your Deck?

Here are some basic rules to apply while deck cleaning:

  • Be cautious about cleaning them because decks are made up of wood.  Applying water with full force can be a bit harsh on it.  You should wash it once every few years. Minor stains can be cleaned by rubbing some cleaning solutions on it. If you notice some serious filth, moles or insects forming on it then it’s time to implement power washing. Before going for the service, you must get a little knowledge about deck cleaning. That’s because sometimes it may look clean but deep moles may still form and spread throughout the house.
  • If you have decided to wash the deck you must take some safety measures. This includes wearing hard boots, safety goggles or covering up the hand with gloves. That’s because the water  pressure might hurt you if you are not careful. Before applying water it is necessary to dry clean the deck so large particles or stones don’t hurt your legs or eyes. Never attempt to play with a pressure washer for fun and don’t use it while standing on a height or ladder. You should wrap up the things that can get ruined during the procedure.
  • After removing all the hard particles from the deck, start running the pressure to moist up the deck. Make sure to rub the deck if it is too greasy. Wash the rubbed stains that clean the woods easily. Closely focus on the gaps and side where most of the greasiness gathers. There should be a 2-metre length between floor and pressure water so that woods don’t crack. Move from left to right so that all the cleaning solution wears off.
  • Lastly, after finishing the pressure wash try to avoid staining or walking for a day (or more) to let it dry completely. It’s better if you choose a sunny day so it dries early. You could also opt for professionals, if you want best outcomes at a low price for power washing. After everything  check for the moulds or worms inside the woods so you can get rid of them.
  • One of the prominent reasons behind clogged downspouts is the overflowing of gutters. Selecting small downspouts makes draining slower resulting in rodents. All you can do is install a bigger downspout with a pest filter.


Get assistance from experts

You can conveniently clean your deck by following the above steps. But as you have noticed it requires certain skills to wash the deck so it’s better to hire an expert for a deck cleaning service to handle this hectic work. The deck usually needs maintenance once in 2-3 years so you can easily tie up with them to avoid hard work.

Get Assistance from Experts

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