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Life-Saving Tips for Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver

by Aug 26, 2020

Winter and fall share a common factor. Naturally, the seasons run from spring to winter with summer and fall conveniently balancing in between. This means that after the fall, you have winter. Fall leaves your gutter with an enormous amount of leaves from its shedding. They decay after a while, even before winter grows snowy with colder temperatures. So, when is the best time to clean your gutter? In this article, you will learn a few life-saving tips for gutter cleaning in Vancouver.

This guide is divided into two categories:

  • General Gutter Cleaning Tips
  • Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

General Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutters are essential to your home, and so is the cleaning. Be deliberate about what you want to achieve. And while you might need to call professionals, these tips would get you close to being an expert:

  • Be Strategic About Your Timing: spring is the best time to clean your gutter, immediately after winter. But you don’t want to leave your gutters unattended to, so you have to clean quickly after fall when there are leaves that could clog the gutters. Gutters are best cleaned after it rains; it is easy to get rid of the debris this way.
  • Clean Your Gutter Regularly: do not put off your gutter cleaning for too long, most notably in the fall. Leaves decay quickly and having them on your gutters for too long can damage their strength and ability to hold water. Cleaning twice during fall should be enough for your gutters. In spring, once is enough, because rain does the rest for you. If you can brace the cold of winter, you can go up and clean once or better still immediately after fall, before winter.
  • Inspect Your Downspouts Regularly: downspouts take the water away from the gutters to the ground or cistern. Keep an eye out for any clogged downspouts by directing the water into the spouts using a hose. Spray the spouts and make sure you don’t use a high-pressure hose. If you notice any blocked spout, try using a straight rod that can fit into the path to unclog it.
  • Get Professional Help: professional cleaners would notice what you did not see while cleaning, make repairs when necessary, and also save you from the stress of climbing the ladder. You should call professionals during winter; they would clean the right way, which would save you from the cold weather and save your time. Make sure to hire professional cleaners at least twice a year. They would not only clean but make sure the gutters and downspouts are in good shape.

Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

Gutter cleaning in Vancouver is as easy as preparing a meal, just like it is everywhere. However, you must safeguard yourself while cleaning, so here are some safety tips you have to adhere to while cleaning your gutters yourself:

  • Wear Adequate Cleaning Shoes: cleaning your gutters means you will do some climbing, so it is essential you avoid fancy shoes like a slip-on. Make sure the shoes you are putting on are slip-resistant because you are working with water and climbing a ladder. Get shoes with rubber soles as they are the most slip-resistant foot wares.
  • Ensure You Are Not The Only One At Home: you need to let someone know you are working on the gutter. If there is an accident, such a person will make sure you get medical attention as quickly as possible.
  • Wear Protective Gears: wear gloves, eyeglasses, and nose masks. These are the most important gears. Gloves protect your hands from injuries when scooping dirt, the glasses protect your eyes from the dirt particles from the gutters, while the nose mask would keep the dust out of your nose. Take care of yourself at all costs, and these gears would increase the chances of your safety.

Finally, gutter cleaning in Vancouver is easy and fun if you do it with your family but try to bring in professionals to help you with it once in a while.

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