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Tucker Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System – Good or Bad?

by Jun 25, 2021

Water fed window cleaning system uses crystal clear water to clean windows at the height of 90 Feet with ease. Generally, house owners or workers cannot reach windows located on higher floors of the home. Cleaning them manually by using a ladder or a rope can be time-consuming as well as risky.  Water-fed pole window cleaning is one of the best ways to tackle this arduous situation.


How Does The Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System Works?

The WFP system transports the running water from the tap through various water purification system filters. The water is later carried to the brush for window cleaning with the help of a water-fed pole.


Essential Parts of WFP or Water Fed Pole:

Essential Parts of WFP or Water Fed Pole

  • PoleFrom the name, you can easily break down the entire context where a pole is used to reach the height of windows that cannot be manually cleaned. Poles come in a diversity of sizes depending on the type of project.
  • Hose: It is responsible for transferring water from the purification system to the brush. Hose for WFP is available in various diameters and lengths.
  • Clamps: Water Fed Poles require assembly; therefore, clamps make it easier to assemble the system right away in the garden.
  • Angle Adapter: It is also called “Gooseneck,” which is required to reach higher windows. The adjustable quick-LoQ angle adapter or quick-LoQ long angle adapter can provide increased need if required.
  • Brush: The WFP brush is attached to the angle adapter, and it is used to scrub and clean the windows.
  • Rinse Bar:  Some people also like to have a rinse bar on the brush to jet spray the water on windows for efficient cleaning.


Advantages of Tucker Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System:

  • Efficiency:  One of the best advantages of using the Tucker Water Fed Pole window cleaning system is that it is versatile, i.e., window cleaners can use it for various cleaning tasks. When WFP at work, there is no need for various cleaning equipment as it is a reliable and safest way to clean windows. The window cleaners can easily clean the windows with sparkling water.

Tucker Water Fed Pole Increases Efficiency


  • Safe to use: One of the best takeaways of the water-fed pole window cleaning system is it is quite safe to use. If window cleaners use traditional ladders, then there are higher chances of inflicting injuries. One of the prominent advantages of using water fed pole system is that window cleaners can efficiently clean windows out of their reach without lifting their team off the ground.

Tucker Water Fed Pole is Safe to Use


  • Environmental Friendly: The WFP or Water Fed Pole system is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents to clean glass windows. The only requirement for a water-fed pole window cleaning system is clear water after purification. Apart from zero chemicals, the water-fed pole system also minimizes water usage during the window cleaning session. Moreover, using harmful detergents and chemicals can potentially endanger plant life in the garden if it spills out of the hose. Water-fed poles don’t cause any to plants if any leakage occurs.

Tucker Water Fed Pole is Environmental Friendly


  • Cost-Efficient:  WFP is one of the best and affordable options for window cleaning. Using the system will cut off the cost of the ladder, and men needed to shift it from one place to other. Commercial window cleaners use a water-fed pole window cleaning system to save both money and time.

WFP is Cost and Time Efficient


Give Your Windows A Sparkling Finish With Professional Window Cleaning:

The pure water-based cleaning system will offer a crystal clear finish to your windows. There will be no dirt or residue left on the windows as the brush will remove the dirt efficiently. We at Adelco home services specialize in tucker water-fed pole window cleaning systems. We have the right men and tools for the job. Feel free to get in touch with our experts if your building needs some perfect cleaning.

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