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Everything You Need to Know About Fascia Repair, Installation, and Replacement

by Apr 3, 2023

Roof Fascia boards are among the most neglected areas in any house. But as they as positioned just under the roofline, they are at risk of getting soaked. Clogged gutters, water penetration, and animal infestation in your attic can cause various roof problems and end up damaging the fascia board. And when the fascia board is damaged, it can potentially damage your home. So, as a conscious homeowner, you must inspect the fascia regularly and repair it occasionally to ensure it performs well in the long run. Here’s an overview of Roof Fascia Repair, Fascia Installation, replacement, and how you can look after your fascia boards.

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What are soffit and roof fascia boards?

What are soffit and roof fascia boards?

The fascia board is a wooden board that you will find behind the gutters of your house. It runs horizontally and is attached to the roof rafters and functions as the mount for your gutters. It connects the gutters to the house’s roof truss. If your roof is devoid of fascia, there will be a gap leading directly into the attic.

Why are soffit and fascia repair or replacement important?

Rotten Roof Fascia board

It’s the fascia that seals off the attic from animals and weather conditions. It prevents moisture from entering your home’s interiors. In addition to being important, it also enhances the visual appeal of the house. In case you are unable to see any wood in this area, it means there’s an aluminum or vinyl cap covering your fascia boards.

How to replace or repair the roof fascia board?

Replacing the fascia board is a strenuous task that must be done with utmost caution. The materials and tools needed are safety equipment, a ladder, roofing nails, a nail gun or hammer, sealants for joints and nails, tools for removing nails, a saw for cutting, and a new fascia board. Skilled roofers follow these basic steps for Roof Fascia Repair and replacement.

7 Steps to Replace or Repair the Roof Fascia Board

1) Find out if there is rot

Discoloration and rot are not the same. So, the first thing you should figure out is if any part of the fascia board is rotten. Actual rot will have dark cavities and soft spots on the surface. Wood in rotten areas will be pulpy and mushy. Once you have marked the rotten areas, it’s time for ‘step 2’.

2) Identify the source of water

If you want the repair to be effective, you must know whether the fascia board got wet. Only then you can save it from getting soaked in the future. Look for chipped shingles and clean the gutters. When gutters get blocked with leaves, they dampen the fascia boards. So, before you change the board, don’t skip the gutter cleaning.

3) Get rid of the rotted board

The rotted board has to be removed completely and you will need a sharp utility knife for that. Cut in small sections and don’t pry too hard or too fast. When you have made the gaps, switch to a hammer and make sure you don’t damage nearby materials.

4) Check the sub-fascia

After you have pulled out the fascia boards, take a moment for examining the framing lumber. When the untreated lumber is rotted, reframing it before putting the new board on is mandatory. You have to reframe the region the way it was originally. If the sub-fascia seems to be in decent shape, clean it and unfasten the caulk lines.

5) Cut the new board

Take accurate measurements of the gap you have created so that the new piece of fascia board fits well. Draw lines on the new fascia board to cut it accurately. Miter saws are recommended for doing this task like a pro.

6) Attach the board

Hold the new piece in place against the sub-fascia and always use exterior-grade, galvanized nails for trim. If it’s a longboard, ask someone to assist you in holding it. Take several nails to secure it in its place.

7) Caulk

This final step is essential before you apply paint. Use latex caulk for best results and let the surface dry after the caulking.

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Common soffit and fascia board issues

Common soffit and fascia board issues

  • Bowing- When the roof fascia board is bowed or bent unnaturally, it indicates structural problems. If you experience something like this, hire a Roof Fascia Repair team in North Vancouver or any part of British Columbia to fix the board.
  • Cracks- As fascia boards are exposed to altering temperatures, cracks can develop at times. It is a common problem that you should not ignore. The moment you spot cracks on the fascia board, replace it completely to safeguard your home.
  • Holes- Do you see holes in the fascia? Even small holes made by animals can be big enough for allowing water to enter the attic. So, if you notice holes, seal them immediately, or else you will have to replace the entire board.


Is fascia replacement enough?

When the fascia board is damaged, replacing it is the only option. However, getting it replaced might not be enough. Depending on the nature of the damage, you should arrive at the root of the problem. Ask the roofers you’ve hired to find the underlying issue and fix it for ensuring the longevity of the newly installed fascia board.

For instance, if the gutters are clogged, the fascia will be exposed to moisture and get damaged soon. So, unless you do something to unclog the gutters, you will have to keep replacing fascia boards frequently. Similarly, if insect infestation is the reason behind the damage, you will have to look for pest control services.

How often should fascia be replaced?

There is no fixed timetable for replacing a fascia or soffit. If you care properly, a fascia board can last for many years. So, the materials and the level of care are the two things that decide their performance. Look for signs like flaking paint, pests, cracks, etc. to know something is wrong with the fascia board. You may also approach a competent person to examine the roof thoroughly. A roof fascia repair contractor will evaluate the overall health of your roof and suggest if replacements are necessary.

What is the lifespan of a fascia board?

The lifespan of the fascia board you install depends on multiple factors such as the materials, the installation process, and the maintenance. If you select a wooden soffit, it’s more susceptible to moisture, insect infiltration, and mold growth. Vinyl, on the other hand, is prone to sun damage. Aluminum promises excellent durability, fire resistance, and amazing versatility. So, even if aluminum is more expensive than other materials, it is low-maintenance and will remain intact for years. For maintaining fascia boards, repaint them occasionally and keep them as dry as possible.

What causes the fascia to weaken?

Common Causes of Weaken Fascia Board

Fascia boards can weaken with time and get damaged due to multiple factors like:

  • Moisture- If you leave the fascia board without trim or unsealed, it might get ruined due to prolonged exposure to dampness. Roof issues like gutter clogs and roof leaks can also expose the fascia to moisture consistently. All these will eventually force the wood to rot, which will have adverse effects on the gutters as well.
  • Algae and fungus- Mold, fungus, and algae can infect fascia boards, especially in the rainy season. Severe fungus or mold infections on the rooftop may even spread down to your fascia board.
  • Insects and Animals- Animals like rats are constantly trying to seek shelter in your attic space. They chew the fascia board, thus making small gaps between the roof and the board. These boards are also vulnerable to termites and other insects.


What is the expense of soffit and roof fascia repair?

Cost of Soffit and Fascia Repair

Estimating the cost of roof fascia repair and a soffit replacement in advance will keep you prepared. As there are various fascia and soffit options, the material costs keep changing. The labor costs for fascia and soffit installation also vary depending on the location and the contractor. You will be charged based on per linear foot. Whether you choose vinyl soffit or wood soffit, or aluminum soffit is another factor that will determine the price. So, reach out to an accomplished roofer to get an estimate based on the services you will need.

Need help with your roof fascia board?

By now you have already understood that the fascia board is a vital part of your roofing system. So, you cannot afford to overlook it or leave it in a bad condition. If you aren’t sure whether your fascia board is in great condition, you can take the help of an expert. Contact AdelCo Home Services at 1-888-789-6222 to get the fascia board inspected, installed, repaired, or replaced.

Soffit and Fascia Repair, Installation and Replacement Services By AdelCo Home Services

Parting Thoughts

So, now you know everything about fascia board replacement, the best materials, and the right way of installing fascia. Repairing and replacing the fascia board is a serious task that requires professional training. It might also be unsafe for you to do it singlehandedly. Hence, is better to hire an experienced person who is adept at the job. That’s because if the repair services aren’t perfect, you won’t achieve the desired results. And if you consider the long-term benefits, fascia installation is certainly worth the price.

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