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Roof Algae Cleaning to Keep the Exterior Picturesque

by Dec 3, 2021

It is not a convenient task to do roof algae cleaning for the house owners, especially when there is no idea about the exact process. You can keep the charm of the house intact following proper maintenance. Yet, most people usually think exterior maintenance means focusing on the courtyard, lawn, and home walls. They prioritize the exterior cleaning for such places over the roof. Generally, homeowners believe that roof cleaning and maintenance is a once-in-a-year job. And for roof cleaning, the best way is to hire a service provider at a lower cost.


First of all, roof maintenance and roof algae cleaning are processes one should never neglect. The shingles get weird stains of algae and moss growth without proper care. Months-long stickiness to the shingles, the microbe stains not only decrease the glimpse of the house. But the microbes also cause various serious issues. So, always inspect the condition periodically of your roof to keep it healthy for the long run.


Secondly, when it comes to contact with a roof cleaning agency. Do not be carefree and appoint any nearest-located casual service provider. Always get a trustworthy company for unmatched cleaning assistance. It will be worthier if contact the company knowing all the service details.


Things To Do for Microbe-Free Rooftop

It takes a bulk of investment to get the desired house. A post-card lookalike home is the wish of every person with a stunning-looking exterior. Imagine you bought such a beautiful house. But after a while, the appearance fades, and the outside looks intimidating, like a horror house. So, how to keep the charming look intact for months long?

Well, follow the below-listed notes:

Install Microbe-Proof Shingles

Is it cumbersome to keep looking after the roof? Then advanced-technology adapted algae-proof shingles are now available in the market. This product is susceptible to preventing algae growth and is ideal for specific mild and foggy weather.

Install Microbe-Proof Shingles


Copper for Algae Growth Prevention

One of the convenient processes to protect the roof from algae growth is copper application. Copper is a toxic metal to the microbe. So, install copper stripes across the roof edges, under the chimney and vent. The water contains copper traces and flows accordingly to defunct algae during rain.

Copper for Algae Growth Prevention


Hire a Pro for Moss-Cleaning

Trained and well-experienced workers of a reputed company knows how to deal with moss on roof shingles. Hire experts for removing moss infection and stains. It is always the best idea for ultimate roof algae cleaning. Contact an esteemed organization. It cleans the algae and moss without any hassle and does roof inspection carefully.

Hire a Pro for Moss-Cleaning


Bleaching Method with Chlorine

The moment you notice the stain and the fungal infestation goes out of control due to non-inspection for days-long. Apply this process as professionals do. Just add the appropriate amount of Trisodium Phosphate and Sodium Hydroxide with Chlorine bleach and spray the mixture across the roof. Once the first coating dries up, go for another spray. Microbes will vanish gradually.

Bleaching Method with Chlorine


Power-Cleaning Process for Roof Algae Cleaning

It is one of the most-effective techniques that professionals use. This process helps, washing off the stubborn stains with a high-pressure water flush. But it is better to seek a well-established agency for this technique. Otherwise, it can cause cracked or broken shingles, including other damages. Additionally, the algae may return, as the roots remain intact for improper washing methods.

Power-Cleaning Process


Low-Pressure Non-Chemical Technique for Roof Algae Cleaning

Appointing a trustworthy agency is the best idea for obtaining a low-pressure and chemical-free roof cleaning service. Nowadays, top-rated companies apply hi-tech process that never causes any damages to the shingles or landscape surroundings. Also, such an advanced cleaning system provides fast and secured results for upcoming days.

Non-Chemical Technique for roof algae cleaning


Hence, get the complete equipment for safety and proper cleaning. Now you can do the roof cleaning by yourself, following the steps and process accordingly. But hiring a genuine service provider for roof algae cleaning or moss removal in North Vancouver or in any region of Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Tri-Cities is always an appreciable idea. The expected result and maintenance for the future will be hassle-free for sure.

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