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DIY Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

by Sep 6, 2019

Signs Your Gutter Need Cleaning

Leaking Gutters

If your gutters overflow then this a sure sign that your gutters need cleaning. The reason the water is overflowing is due to fact it can’t make its way to the outlet and flow free down to the drain, and this is why waterfall coming flowing down the side of your property which can make damage to any property if gutters are not maintained properly.

Plant Growth

Look at your gutters from distance, if you see anything sticking out of the top of your gutter that is a clear sign you need a gutter cleaning asap. The most common thing to be growing out of gutters is weeds and grass. Sun and water that gutters receive and the slit laying in the bottom of the gutter, this is an ideal growing medium for plants to grow. Plants soon start rooting and before you know it you have chunks of grass or weeds growing in your gutters.

Sagging Gutter

Do you see you gutter sag? This is an urgent sign your gutters need to be cleaned and repaired. Gutter sag simply of the weight of muck, leaves, moss, and slit mixed with water which can get very heavy and the gutters can only take so much before it gives.

Staining and Damp Patches

This is something every property owner should avoid, something like staining and damp patches can lead to unneeded and unwanted costly repairs such as rotting fascia board and much more. Staining water cannot flow due to the gutters need to be cleaned and the blockage is restricting the water flow.

Gutter cleaning must be done regularly to ensure and guarantee that your home is much away from any roof and water damage.

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