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Do I Really Need Gutter Guards/Filters?

by Dec 8, 2019

Gutter guards have been heavily popular over the years. These gutter guards fit on top of the gutters to stop debris from getting into your gutters.

Before you add gutter guards/filters to your existing gutters read our blog all the way.

Adel has over 20 years of experience in this field and he has seen almost everything and yet learn every day something new. We found out that over 95% of homes do not need gutter guards/filters at all.

Companies that sell/install gutter guards/filters will say anything just to make a sale, claiming you will never have to clean your gutters ever again. Based on my experience there is no such a thing ‘No Maintenance’ once you install them. Gutter guards will stop debris to go into gutters, but you will still need to remove debris from top of the guards, not to mention debris that do go through gutters guard and over the time will create thick layer of muck at the bottom of the gutters and we all know how that can smell badly.

How much do Gutter Guard Installation Cost?

This is question we all want to know. Well, let’s do some math here and see how we not only can save your gutters and your home from damages but the money as well.

Gutter guards can cost you between $26 and $38 per linear foot. Let say your house is medium house of 240 linear feet, 240 x $26 (minimum charges) comes to $6,240.00. Hm, expensive! AdelCo Home Services charges to clean gutters on house of 240 linear feet is $255.00
If we break it down, we will clean your gutters for 20 years, let me say that again “FOR 20 YEARS”and save you enough money to send you to Cuba for 2 weeks in 4 star hotel.

If you want to find out more on this topic you can call our office and speak to Adel directly.

The proper way to clean Gutters by AdelCo

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