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Gutter Cleaning Service Cost – Answered by Experts!

by Aug 26, 2020

Cleaning your gutters is a vital home maintenance routine that cannot be overemphasized since all snow, hail, and rain that falls on your house is deposited in your gutters. In the absence of a regular and thorough gutter clean up, you risk having water deposited by rain. In turn, this can cause your gutters to overflow, break, flood or worse insect and pest infestation that can threaten your family’s health. After deciding to employ gutter cleaning service by experts, the question likely lingering your mind is how much the routine cost. Well, several factors affect the gutter cleaning service cost. Let us discuss first the factors that affect the pricing of gutter cleaning.


Factors Affecting Gutter Cleaning Service Cost

The national average range for professional gutter cleaning is between $160 to $270. The majority of homeowners pay close to $240 to clean a thousand five hundred square feet home having 150 feet of gutters.

Interestingly, gutter cleaning costs are usually quoted per linear foot of the gutter to be cleaned. Even then, several factors also determine the intensity of the quote.

The gutter cleaning company will use the home’s height, gutter location, and the presence or absence of gutter screens and guards to determine the appropriate pricing cost.

After inspecting the gutters and cleaning starts, professionals may use additional factors such as gutter conditions and clogged downspouts to determine if the quote should increase.

Let us now examine how each factor mentioned above affects the gutter cleaning service cost:

1. Height of Gutter:

The average gutter cleaning cost, as stated above, only applies to a single-story home. Additional floors in your house have a bearing on the amount you will be charged in your quote. For a home with two floors, expect an additional charge of $135 to $150 and another $100 to $165 as the floors increase. The higher rates charged due to height reflect the risk that comes with cleaning at great heights, the need for taller ladders, and a second or more cleaning professional to make the job go smoothly.


2. Location of Gutter:

Your gutter cleaning quote may increase because the grounds below your gutters are unstable, steeply sloped, or difficult to maneuver hence making it take longer to set up and move ladders before and during cleaning.


3. Gutter screens and guards:

As a homeowner, installing gutter screens or guards over your gutters allows water to flow through the gutters and keeping your debris at bay. However, debris may finally make its way through the gutter screen or guard since it is not completely foolproof.

This makes it imperative to remove such screens so the gutters can be cleaned. Should the need arise to remove your gutter screens, you will incur an extra charge in your quote.


4. Gutter Condition:

Gutter cleaning technicians want to do an impeccable job; hence, after a cleaning session, an inspection is conducted.

During the inspection, he may discover you need to pay for minor repairs like fixing loose gutter hangers, replacing rusted or broken gutter sections, etc. You should budget an additional amount to cover minor repairs.


5. Clogged downspouts:

It is not unusual to find that your downspouts are clogged, causing your gutter system to have a lot of debris. To clear the downspout, the professional will use specialized tools that will incur an additional charge of $50 to $100.


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