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Moss on Roof – Things to Consider by Burnaby Homeowners

by Apr 3, 2021

Do you have moss on the roof of your home? If you are living in a rainy or humid place then it might be tempting to ignore moss on your roof. It will not only destroy the look of your home from the outside but it can also cause serious damage to roof shingles. So, it’s better to take the help of moss removal professionals whenever you came across moss or algae on your roof. They will make use of all safety measures and make your roof moss-free.

How to Identify Which is Moss and Which is Algae?

Before starting the roof cleaning process, first, identify the type of growth, is it moss or algae? Both are different from each other and have needed different cleaning techniques.

Moss is a fibrous & feathered structure that puts up a thin stem along with small leaves on the top of the roof. If it is not treated and allowed to grow continuously then it will form rounded tufts. It will be green in color throughout the rainy or wet season but turned into greenish-brown color in the dry season. It will only grow if there is some water gets trapped on the roof that might be through any water leakage or other factors.

While on the other hand algae is not a plant, in fact, it is a living organism that grows on spores. It can cause dark-colored stains or dark spots on your new roof and cause some type of decoloration of the roof. It will significantly decrease the curb appeal.

A common man can not make a differentiation between moss and algae. But a Roof Cleaning Burnaby expert can do and take appropriate cleaning steps that are suitable for making your roof clean. Different methods are required for the moss and algae removal from the roof.

Algae vs Moss

How to prevent moss from growing on your roof tiles?

To avoid expensive roof repairs, it is required to check on the roof for moss or algae and spare some time to clean them. If you have a very busy schedule then call the Roof Moss Removal Burnaby professionals who can perform the cleaning task within a limited time and make your roof free from moss again.

As we know that prevention is better than cure. So, as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to prevent the growth of moss on your roof. Let’s learn how to prevent the growth of moss.

1) Remove Long Trees Providing Shade to the Roof

Cut out the long trees that give shade to your roof. They are creating a perfect wet environment for the growth of moss. The branches of the long trees overhead roof prevent the sunlight from falling on the roof. Along with this, the decaying leaves of the tree provide nutrients required for the growth of the moss. So, it is recommended to remove these trees to prevent the growth of moss.

Long Trees - Perfect Wet Environment for Moss Growth

2) Using Zinc Strips 

Zinc is an excellent element that keeps the moss growth at bay. You can cut the strips of zinc flashing and install them under your roof shingles to prevent the growth of lichens and moss. These zinc flashing strips can go for the last 5 years and are highly effective.

Use Zinc Strips to Prevent Moss Growth

3) Sprinkle Moss Control Powder on the Roof

The moss control powder is made up of zinc sulfate which is highly effective and prevents the growth of moss without causing any damage to your roof. But this can be harmful to any animal or vegetation. So, make sure to apply the powder only on shaded areas of the roof or anywhere you see the growth of moss. For any query call us anytime at 1-888-789-6222

Sprinkle Moss Control Powder on the Roof

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