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North Vancouver Window Cleaning Tips

by Aug 27, 2020

Great windows do wonders to the home! It offers breathtaking experiences that can only be found with fulfillment. So, what makes a great window? We would say a bright, sparkling window with neat panes and windowsills is a great one.

And with the ever-changing weather in North Vancouver, it is not easy to maintain a hundred percent sparkling window. North Vancouver window cleaning requires you to be on your toes; you must be ready to adapt to the weather demands.

You would have to move from the traditional old newspaper magic that everyone employs to a more sophisticated approach.

Window cleaning is a noble art that most people ignore for various reasons, maybe because you have to clean in and out. However, window cleaning does not end with wiping the glasses; there are other areas of the window that need care and attention.

Generally, for cleaning any window, you would need the same materials, regardless of the weather condition. Therefore, window cleaning, particularly North Vancouver Window cleaning, you would need the following materials:

  • Buckets: you would need at least three buckets, one bucket to hold all the materials you need, another to keep water and the last one where you will wipe your window into, you do not want to get your home wet
  • Sponge: a soft, oversized sponge is ideal. And it must be able to hold enough water to wet your windows.
  • Ultrafine fiber cloth: some people call this a microfiber cloth, it is the same thing. It is a very soft cloth material mainly used for cleaning delicate surfaces like your LED TVs, glasses, etc.
  • A dry cloth: has to be dry and soft as well; you do not want the materials you use leave marks on the window.
  • A broom: this is for removing the cobwebs around the windows
  • Some protective gear: you should make use of a glove and nose mask.
  • Vinegar: in any case where you do not have purpose-made washing solutions, vinegar would come handy.
  • A spray bottles

Now, let us move on to the steps involved in cleaning your windows.

  • Bring down the curtains and blinds blocking the window, if the window has any. This protects the curtains from the water splashes and also ensures you can reach every part of the window.
  • Use your broom to remove all specks of dirt and cobwebs slouching around the window. Work your way all through the panes and windowsills.
  • I recommend washing with a little amount of liquid soap and water at first, this makes sure you’re getting every other dirt residue on the window, do not make the solution soapy that it would bring out foams as this would leave marks on your window. Remember to work in one pattern, vertically or horizontally, would do. Allow to dry off on its own. If you have a cleaning solution, it is much better than liquid soap.
  • Fill a spray bottle with your vinegar, return to your window with both the vinegar and microfiber cloth. Spray the part you want to start with­-the edge is the best- then start using the microfiber cloth to wipe in an S-shape (as suggested by experts) the shape is distinct that you see where you have not touched. Repeat for the other windows, and then you can shout “voila” in excitement.

For North Vancouver window cleaning, it is best to do this on a cloudy day, as a sunny day would make the solutions dry up too quickly, which is not good. Because the weather changes very quickly in North Vancouver, always have your vinegar or cleaning solution ready, so all you have to do is spray and wipe.
You can create your window cleaning solution with one and a half or two teaspoons of vinegar into warm water, and you are good to go, you might need to add a spoon of household ammonia if the window is very dirty.

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