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Step by Step House Cleaning Checklist

by Aug 27, 2020

Have you ever cleaned your home and feel like you haven’t achieved anything afterward?

If this is the feeling you get each time you clean, then a house cleaning checklist might just be what you need. A checklist is a nice way to set out your cleaning activities in such a way that you can measure success levels as you proceed with cleaning

Getting one of these can help you effectively split up your cleaning tasks so you can manage them well and get that sense of fulfillment you deserve.

1. Startup with a Cleaning Plan:

A good way to start could be by making a list of all the cleaning events you intended to carry out, it best to begin with the more labor-intensive and material consuming activities.

You could start up with toilet washing, followed by dishwashing then carpet cleaning, following in that order of decreasing complexity, finishing up with more simple activities like rearranging the furniture.

A good cleaning plan helps you do your cleaning effectively without getting frustrated mid-chores.

2. Clean the toilets:

Cleaning the toilets might be by far one of the most uninteresting cleaning activities for obvious reasons.

Checking the toilet from your cleaning list might do a lot to your morale. As soon as you get it over with the toilets, the other relatively simpler activities can be done quickly with the right motivation.

3. Do the Dishes:

Wash your dishes next, this should be done after proper cleaning and disinfecting from washing the toilets. Washing dishes should come next on your checklist because more like toilet washing it is labor-intensive and water-based.

So, you might want to finish all washing activities before taking eyes off them to do simpler activities.

You need more than the dishwasher at times to get your dishes washed, for example in cleaning the bigger pots and pans you might need to hand wash with sponges as they may not fit into the dishwasher.

4. Do the Laundry:

You guessed it right! While doing laundry might be a relatively simpler activity, it is best your check laundry next to dishwashing and toilet washing as they are related activities. Always do similar activities on a stretch to maintain continuity. Cleaning randomly can grow tiresome.

5. Clean the floors, Walls, and Windows:

Clean the floors and toilets of each room, you could start this by removing all furniture and fittings in each room before commencing cleaning. The idea here is to allow you full access to the floors, walls, and windows.

Make sure you get the dust out from every nooks and cranny of your rooms to make sure you do not have to re-clean after setting back your fittings. This is to prevent dirt from resettling on your furniture.

6. Spray and Clean all Furniture and Fittings Sparing Your Electronics:

After the floors and walls cleaning has been checked, proceed to clean up furniture using the appropriate cleaning products.

Polish the furniture with furniture spray to give them the right sparkle. However, do not clean your electronics with cleaners as this has been shown to compromise the quality of electric products or in worst scenarios spoil them entirely.

For your electronic product cleaning with a dry microfiber material will suffice.

7. Organize all Furniture and Fittings:

After you must have cleaned and washed all other parts of the house, you are left with the easier task of rearranging your furniture and equipment back to their respective places.

8. Rest:

While you might not add this to your checklist, you would surely need some quality rest after carrying out these activities. So you want to chill out and take a bit of well-deserved rest in your well-cleaned house.

Final Thoughts

Going about house cleaning amidst a busy schedule might be quite a “chore “at times. So you might want to delegate house cleaning to professionals once in a while for a memorable cleaning experience while you can carry on with your busier schedule.

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