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Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

by Sep 15, 2019

There is nothing good about dirty, grimy windows and nobody like dirty windows. You can’t enjoy your view, but windows like this remind you that it’s time for another cleaning.

Some homeowners thinking they don’t want to pay for something they can do themself.

But before you clean your own windows, think about these three reasons why hiring a professional window cleaner is worth it.

Your Safety

The most obvious one, you could fall while cleaning inaccessible windows. Standing on something or climb a ladder to reach high windows which can result in a fall. Most people aren’t experienced using ladders and have balance while performing the task. If you do unfortunately take a fall, only then you will know that hiring window professional is relatively small price and smart move.
Another most common risk you may not have thought is the window breaking. Professional window cleaner know how to avoid this occurrence.
Last but not least, use of chemicals. Most homeowners will use cleaning solution which are dangerous to inhale and to come in contact with. With harsh chemicals and not having proper protective gear, you may be inhaling substance that can harm you. Professional window cleaners will know about the cleaning solution they use as well how to protect themselves and homeowners from it. Hiring a professional window cleaner provides the benefit without putting yourself at any risk.


Extend the Life of Your Windows

Cleaning your windows regularly helps them to last much longer. Removing corrosive elements like dirt and grime reduce of the window cracking and chipping. Hiring professional window cleaner who will inspect and detect any potential problems early on. Finding early issues on your windows will give you chance to fix it before they become serious problems and costly.


Saves Your Time

Time is what all of us care about. You can go and take care of the other things you need and want to do instead spending whole day cleaning windows. Professional window cleaner will get the job done quickly and efficiently in much less time than you could do it yourself.
Professional window cleaners will have proper tools and experience to ensure a job well done. All of your windows will be sparkly clean so you can enjoy your day.


How to Clean Windows/DIY Window Cleaning


Here is a list you will need to perform a basic cleaning job on your windows;
Squeegee, sponge or brush
Rubber squeegee for drying
Clean cloth or rag
Large towel to protect inside floors
Ladders with protection and accessories


Mix cleaning solution

4 Liters of clean water in to bucket with small amount of dishwashing liquid.
You can add small amount of vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
If is too hot and sunny outside we recommend to use less dish soap, if is cold outside and without sun you can use some more dish soap for better outcome.


Clean the windows

After you have dipped your sponge in to solution and wipe the entire window, the next is to use rubber squeegee to make sure you leave no streaks on your windows. To clean outside high windows you will need to use ladder. By securing ladders for your safety and only when you are safe to go on ladders repeat same as you would on lover windows.
Very important to wash window by window and not to do more than one window at the time. After you have done with squeegee section you will need rag to remove any water lines on the sides of the window.
Any water that ran down to window, wipe the area dry with an absorbent, lint-free cloth.


Never use sharp objects like knife or razor on your windows, this will scratch the glass and damage your window UV protector.
This was the basic DIY window cleaning explanation, we as professional cleaner will use much advance solution and equipment when we perform task, such as tablets, buckets, ladders, tucker poles, squeegees, cloths, brushes and so on. For more info on what we use call our  office today.


We are your Professional Window Cleaning Company

At AdelCo Home Services we have years of experience in window cleaning, once you try us you will always have us back. Contact us today and get your free quote!

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