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Why Cleaning Services are Necessary When Moving into a New Home

by Oct 6, 2020

Hiring cleaners from a professional cleaning service is a necessary investment when moving into a new home. Unfortunately, cleaning is often overlooked amidst the chaos of moving. Professional movers, cleaners, and others all have one thing in common; efficiency. Professionals, including professional cleaners and cleaning services, know the trade inside and out. Professional cleaning companies can spot things that we are not accustomed to. Today, we are going to delve into the various reasons why cleaning services are necessary when moving into a new home.

Enjoy one less thing to do

Activities like packing, scheduling, loading, and unloading can all contribute to your stress load. Peace of mind can go a long way towards an enjoyable move, and a professional cleaner can lessen your load. Depending on your home size, a typical cleaning job done by yourself can take hours. Hiring a professional cleaning service can efficiently clean up your home in far less time than you can.

COVID-19 is still around

As much as we would like to forget it, the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on. These times have forced everyone including businesses to adapt to new ways of doing things. Many renters and prospective home-buyers have been weary to browse for homes amidst the pandemic. However, hiring professional cleaners when moving into a new home has never been desired more. At the end of the day, you don’t know who was in the house before you, nor their state of health. Professional cleaners use commercial quality supplies to disinfect and clean areas you never knew were dirty!

The higher standard of cleaning

Reputable cleaning companies deliver a much higher standard of cleaning services than non-professionals. In fact, these cleaning services take their time and focus on quality. At the end of the day, they know that the only way to earn more business is with steadily high reviews.

No need to stock up on cleaning supplies

Another perk to hiring professional cleaning services when moving into a new home is less money spent on cleaning supplies. Many families attempting to clean their own home after a big move realize that they need more than a bucket and mop. In fact, a large house will require multiple sponges and various detergents; each specific to the materials they’re used on. These detergents can be corrosive, and require product knowledge prior to buying. Luckily, professional cleaning services will come prepared with an array of cleaning products ready for homes of all shapes and sizes.

New homes can be very dirty

Many families become so overly excited when viewing a potential home, that they may overlook many details including cleanliness. A home that seemed clean may in fact have serious mold and dust issues inside crevasses and areas missed during your realtor showing. A professional cleaner can easily locate and sanitize problematic areas.

A fresh start

We all love that new car smell after leaving a dealership or that sparkly shine after exiting a car wash. As mentioned earlier, peace of mind goes a long way, and having that fresh-start clean feeling can make all the difference.

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