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Window Cleaners Vancouver: 8 Things to Look out for When Hiring

by Aug 27, 2020

Hiring window cleaners in Vancouver just got better. A quick survey online will provide you with a long list of window cleaners to choose from, and that is the easy part. All the companies on your newly found exhaustive list will promise to provide the best window cleaning service. The hard part is determining which company to hire.

While determining the company to hire as your window cleaner in Vancouver may seem a bit of a conundrum, this article is designed to provide you with eight things you should look out for when hiring your window cleaning service. Let us now get to the juicy details.

1. Only Hire a Company With the Highest Level of Professionalism

While seeking a window cleaning company, if you detect that the company or its representatives appear to be anything short of professional, this initial impression may be a perfect reflection of how they operate.

Sadly, there are never second chances at making a first impression. Determine if such a company has a professional website, business card, professional estimate, and wear uniforms. Your perception of how professional they are will help you make the right choice.

2. Hire a Company that is Reachable Via Calls or Emails

The first contact you will probably have with a prospective window cleaning company is on their website. While the company may have dazzled you with great content on the website, determine if they are reachable, especially through calls or emails during business hours.

If it is difficult to reach a service representative before the service, rest assured that it will be as difficult after the service when you may need to lay a complaint or other issues.

3. Hire a Fully Bonded, Licensed and Insured Company

A company you are looking to hire as your window cleaner must be fully bonded, licensed, and insured. These provide coverage for you and the professionals coming to work on your homes if something terrible happens.

You are not to pay a dime if while cleaning your windows, a cleaner breaks some part of the glass and gets badly injured, or something gets missing in your home during a window cleaning session.

With a certificate of insurance and proof of bonding provided on your request, you can be certain that you are fully protected and do not bear the loss if something bad happens.

4. Only Hire a Company that Trains its Cleaners on Safety Measures

No doubt about it, window cleaning is not without its dangers. As such, safety should be each company’s priority and watchword. Before hiring a company, you must determine if the cleaners in such a company are well trained on proper safety techniques while on the job.

You can find this by requesting to know from a service representative the details of the company’s safety program and from reviews and comments about the company.

5. Hire a Company that Uses Employees and Conduct Background Checks On Them

Not all window cleaning companies in Vancouver use employees. Some hire day-labourers or other independent contractors to cut back on cost.

While these independent contractors may perform satisfactorily, their relationship with the company is transitory, and they may not be held to the same standards as regular employees.

Furthermore, where background checks and drug tests are not conducted, companies might as well be inviting shady people into clients’ homes without knowing it.

6. Hire a Company that Offers the Best Prices

In the window cleaning business, you get what you pay for. As such, be careful that a window cleaning company is not cutting corners to give you a relatively low quote so that you can hire them. If you suspect the given quote is too low, you should compare other prices to determine the appropriate range; hence you can make an informed decision and not receive substandard service.

7. Hire a Company With the Right Equipment

Before hiring a window cleaning service, be sure to determine if they have the right equipment to get the job done. From the company’s website, determine the type of equipment used in pictures of completed tasks to ensure the company owns the right equipment or makes use of a DIY kit.

8. Hire a Company that Guarantees Satisfaction

When a window cleaning service guarantees that a satisfactory job will be done, they have a level of service expectation to meet and will want to perform beyond expectations.

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