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Worst House Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

by Aug 27, 2020

Most of our homes’ approach to house cleaning is the contemporary delegated chores style, where members of the home help clean up the house on a fixed routine, here little or no expertise is needed.

The effect of this is that you make inevitable mistakes without even knowing it. The idea has always been: “If it is visibly clean, it is clean enough.”

While it is only fair to accept mistakes arising from DIY house cleaning style as pardonable, you do not have to keep making these mistakes, and if at all you do, you should be able to fix things up.

We look at some of the worst house cleaning mistakes and how to go about fixing them.

1. Not Drying up Toilet Brush

It is common to see people return their wet toilet brushes into the holder without drying it. The deal here is, when you scrub your toilet floors with a toilet brush, germs accumulate on them.
If the brush is not dried up correctly, you merely clean the germs off the floor and transfer them straight into the holder.

How do you fix it? You simply leave the brush to dry up completely before returning it to its holder.

2. Cleaning Windows on a Sunny Day:

While the idea of cleaning your windows on a sunny day may appeal to you, it might not be the best idea to achieve optimal results

How so? On a sunny day, the heat is up to such an extent that the water and soap you use to wash your windows dry up quickly even before squeegeeing. This leaves you with a streaky window.

For best results, it is recommended that you clean up your windows on an outcast day, to allow effective washing and squeegeeing.

3. Spraying Electronics with Cleaners:

You do not need any cleaning product to clean up your electronics. You can easily clean up your electronics using a dry microfiber material with no liquid-based cleaners involved

4. Not Reading through Products Direction:

It is always easy to skip through the instructions anytime was are given the option to do so.

Most times we are too lazy to read the direction-of-use for our cleaning products. This should not be the case as these instructions are guides to help us utilize the products optimally.

All cleaning products have been designed based on well-researched work to either fit well with certain situations, clean certain materials or work best under certain conditions.

The best way to enjoy your product optimal might be by taking the pains to read through the user’s instructions.

5. Rubbing Stains out of Carpets:

It is common to see people scrubbing stains out of carpets, this might seem like the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, this is not the best idea to go by as rubbing of stains from carpets might cause the stain to spread through or even cause them to soak deeper into the carpet fabrics

A better alternative to rubbing off stain, however, is blotting.

Based on professional recommendations, blotting has been a more effective way to remove stains from carpet.

6. Using the Wrong Type of Sponges:

Various home utensil requires different types of sponges. Before washing your utensils, know which sponge type fits well with your utensil.

For example, a good sponge type for washing aluminum pots or non-stick pan might be the normal non-metal sponge.

However, when cleaning stickier pans and utensils made of cast iron, you might want to turn to the metal type sponges for better results.

Final Thoughts

If you have been making any of these mistakes while cleaning, we hope this article provides you with some quick fixes to get you going. We, however, recommend that you delegate to professional once in a while for better cleaning experience.

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