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Why Roof Cleaning is Important in North Vancouver?

by Aug 5, 2021

The majority of homeowners keep their homes looking good, and maybe you are one of them. During the rainy season, the rain naturally wash off the dirt and debris from your roof. But sometimes, your house may not be only exposed to dirt but also algae, fungus, and moss. And stains left your roof looking patchy and unpleasing.
So here are more reasons why roof cleaning is important in North Vancouver.

1) Roof Cleaning Avoid Shingle Damage

There is a certain type of algae that feeds off of both limestone roofing and even asphalt. These threatening algae are called gloeocapsa magma or GM algae. GM algae are literally eating your shingles slowly until it causes visible damage. On the other hand, some studies show that algae stains absorb heat. In cold places like North Vancouver, using algae as a heat shield for your home is not necessary. While roof cleaning service is vital because most houses have shingles roofs that could be attacked by GM algae.

Roof Cleaning Avoid Shingle Damage


2) Roof Cleaning Prevent Expensive Roof Repair

Moss absorbs the moisture from the damp environment and can cause roof degradation. Moss is often visible, but how about the invisible stain on your roof? Algae, moss, and lichens can severely damage your roof. You have to deal with it and hire professionals for moss removal to avoid sooner roof replacement which may cost a lot.
When it comes to roof repair in North Vancouver, AdelCo Home Services is the most trusted roof repair and roof cleaning company.

Roof Cleaning Prevent Expensive Roof Repair


3) Roof Cleaning Save Your Woods From Rotting

Moss, algae, and ice dams can lead to excess water seeping into your room once your shingle is damaged. When the wood material in your room is soaked it will start to deteriorate. This can lead to serious rotting damage and leads you to future expensive repair; or worst, roof replacement.
As Desiderius Erasmus said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Everyone can agree that roof cleaning is a lot better than budget-breaking roof replacement. Homeowners usually can not detect if their home’s wood materials are rotting. That is why it is important to hire a company that offers roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Save Your Woods From Rotting


4) Roof Cleaning Improves The Aesthetic Of Your Landscape

Improving the aesthetic of your landscape and making it pleasing to the eye is one of the common reasons why we want our roof to be cleaned. Discoloration and patches due to accumulating molds, moss, and algae can be bothering. Getting rid of molds, dirt, lichens, debris, and algae can prevent further roof damage and bring back the glory of your home.

Roof Cleaning Improves The Aesthetic Of Your Landscape


5) Roof Cleaning Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Roof cleaning aids moss, algae, and lichens accumulation. Algae, fungus mold, and lichen are nature’s decomposers. Their job in nature is to break down and decompose those fallen branches, leaves, and trees into usable soil. These are the common factors why your shingles, gutter, and other parts of the roof start to deteriorate. Roof cleaning maintains not only the aesthetic of your home but also its life span.

Roof Cleaning Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan


Contact AdelCo for Roof Cleaning Services

If you are a resident of the Metro Vancouver area, Fraser Valley, or Tri-Cities then sit relax because we are here for you! AdelCo Home Services is the #1 choice for Roof Cleaning in North Vancouver. We also offer moss removal, roof repair, and other roof cleaning services in the majority of areas in British Columbia. We use the latest technology to clean your roof effectively. Our Roof Cleaning services are already tried and tested! Our roof cleaning services are affordable while we do not compromise on quality bringing you the best that you deserve at reasonable rates. Our North Vancouver roof cleaners are well-trained experts in roof cleaning service with unmatched experience. We guarantee you will be amazed at the difference!

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